Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

You and I are blessed to be part of a thriving, generous congregation! Our church’s healthy growth is happening through many gifts of the Spirit, including financial generosity.  We keep on giving, both to the campaign and to the ‘general fund’ because God reminds us there is more ministry to be done!

Online Giving

Giving online has become a popular way to keep our generosity “convenient and consistent,” as Mary Ann Narveson told me the other day. “Whether I’m away for the weekend or forgot a checkbook or didn’t bring cash, my intended gift is consistently there for First Lutheran.” About 40% of our gifts are given electronically. If you haven’t enrolled through our website yet, click here to learn more.

Estimate of Giving Card

Finally, at the end of the year you received an “Estimate of Giving” card. Completing the card is intended to assist you, the giver, as you plan for the upcoming year. Please prayerfully consider increasing your gift as our church is poised to do more, both within its walls and into the community. Cards can be mailed, dropped at the office, offered during worship on Sunday, December 2, at both services, or you can send your card “virtually” to the church office by filling out the form below…

God has blessed us with an opportunity to become a greater faithful presence. Thank you for being a part of First Lutheran and thank you for your generous heart.

In Christ,

Pastor Jason Stanton

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“What percentage of my income is God calling me to give?” In response to God’s love and as a concrete expression of my faith and commitment to Christ and his church at First Lutheran, I plan to give the following percentage of my income:
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Simply Giving
Are you interested in information on Simply Giving or any other electronic funds transfer system so that your giving keeps up with your intent?